Protection and Rescue


« Schutz & Rettung » is the largest Swiss civil rescue organization with Operation Control Centres, Fire Service, Medical Service, Civil Defence and Fire Prevention Police.

Especially in this segment the wireless standard TETRA is used.

Celphone Martin Girsberger GmbH supplies a large assortment of antennas in the TETRA frequency range to several Swiss organizations in the « Protection and Rescue » field.

See: Assortment TETRA antennas

TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is a digital radio standard, which was developed especially for authorities with security tasks (police, fire, emergency services), but also for industry, public transport, airports and military. TETRA replaces the old analogue radio standard of the fifties. Germany is one of the last countries in Europe, which introduces a new digital radio communication system.

TETRA is an ETSI standard (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). The first version of the standard was published in 1995.

The ETSI, in cooperation with the American TIA, is now working on the development of a follow-up standard on the broad band base. This project is called MESA (Broadband Mobility for Emergency and Safety Applications).

Used frequencies in Europe


Austria 380–385 MHz (Uplink) 390–395 MHz (Downlink)
Germany 380–385 MHz (Uplink) 390–395 MHz (Downlink)

More European frequency bands

410 – 420 MHz (Uplink) 420 – 430 MHz (Downlink)
450 – 460 MHz (Uplink) 460 – 470 MHz (Downlink)

Further frequency bands

300-MHz-Band in Russia
800-MHz-Band in Asia